San Francisco – the Unreality

All business.
In the back garden of our AirBnB

What a day!  The reactions we’ve gotten from people in the industry in our first day of meetings was overwhelmingly positive.  No confused looks, only questions about what it’ll take to make it successful.  Several follow-up meetings scheduled as a result.

San Francisco is a strange place indeed.  Back-alley coffee shops where there’s more concentrated money that in all of Springfield combined – and not a single suit.  The importance of a great cup of coffee takes precedence over the amount of workable hours in the day. If it takes 15 minutes for a single cup of drip du jour, so be it.  The experience is worth the wait.
The smell of piss is unbelievable, but doesn’t deter a single person from their mission.  There is laughing, smiling, sunshine and barely a face buried in a phone – surprising for a tech-centric city.  I was even called out for checking a text during a meeting.  At the local bar, it was obvious Andrew and I were outsiders based on the fact that we were the only ones not enjoying the atmosphere and decompressing, but still working, faces aglow from our iPhones.
There is money here, that’s no doubt.  Even our AirBnB host offered us $50k after looking at our product.  It’s mind boggling the difference between locations, but something I have to be conscious of.  We aren’t building a product for the people here, we are building a product for the folks back home – folks that don’t have time to ignore technology.  Not the ones who understand it.  There’s the challenge.