From the Basement to the Bay Area

May 30th thru April 27th, SmashToast will be working out of the TechShop in San Francisco.
Tomorrow begins another new chapter – and not just for SmashToast but myself. More importantly, for my family.  I’m not going to lie, I’m scared.  I’m not afraid of what may happen in San Francisco, but what might happen to my family dynamic as a result. That’s a natural feeling, I’ve been assured, and I’d not be normal if I felt otherwise. Regardless, no amount of reassurance will make it easier.
I’m confident I’ll grow as a result of this journey, and my family will be stronger in the end.  Maybe not immediately, but long-term.  I wouldn’t do it otherwise.
I’ve committed myself to blogging about the next month as not only a coping mechanism, but also to share my story with my family and anyone else that might be interested.
So, prior to to flying out tomorrow afternoon, this is how I feel:  Scared, excited, ambitious & guilty.  I already miss my family and I’m sitting next to them.  With that said, I’m done writing so I can enjoy the rest of the day with them.