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  • Processing the last week

    I didn’t have the energy to write the last week, nor would there been anything worth reading.  It’s been tough.  Not in the sense of the startup – things are the same, moving along, uncertain, every day up and down. My mentor was right to send me out here, though I wish I would have…

  • From the Basement to the Bay Area

    From the Basement to the Bay Area

    May 30th thru April 27th, SmashToast will be working out of the TechShop in San Francisco. Tomorrow begins another new chapter – and not just for SmashToast but myself. More importantly, for my family.  I’m not going to lie, I’m scared.  I’m not afraid of what may happen in San Francisco, but what might happen…

  • Filthy but funny Beej

    Filthy but funny Beej

    YouTube Video Sarbanharble Location:S Douglas Ave,Springfield,United States

  • You can’t learn everything on Google

    Many things can be learned by Googling. Life isn’t one of those things. Living is not an algorithm or a language. No matter how much mental preparation one takes before jumping into a cold pool of water, nothing can prepare one for the shock and experience of taking that leap. This applies to everything. Experience…

  • The ultimate home network.

    Okay, so I’m a bit of a mac geek.  I recently bought a Mac Mini snow leopard server to build and test PHP-based websites at home, but since I’ve got it, I figured I’d use it to manage my media as well. Here’s the goal: Build a single location to manage, distribute & backup my…

  • Snowy Heather

    This is my first experiment with stop-motion animation, back in 2008. I think I used a little compact Nikon set to take a photo every 30 seconds, propped up on a coffee cup.

  • Springfield Landscape #3 – Video

    Just finished this painting.  I’ve put a total of 28 hours into it, 22 on the painting, 6 on the photos/video/music portion.  This painting is based on downtown, but was a commission piece meant for a specific space, so I took a lot of liberty with the original scene.  The street view is reversed, for…

  • Springfield Landscape #3

    Springfield Landscape #3

    Springfield Landscape #3, originally uploaded by gnuglearfeet. Just finished this painting. I’ve put a total of 28 hours into it, 22 on the painting, 6 on the photos/video/music portion. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again!